Impact of intelligent education model in cognitive development among graduate students / physics teaching methods

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Assis Prof. Sahira Abbas Qanber AL Sa’ aeedy, Prof.Dr.Haider Hatem Falih Al. ijrish.


The research aims to find out the impact of the intelligent education model in the cognitive development of graduate students / methods of teaching physics, where the research community is from four universities (Baghdad, Mustsiriyah, Iraqi, Diyala), where its students reached (110) graduate students, and the sample was selected by (83%) From the community to be a research sample (91) distributors (46) experimental, and (45)controlled and the research tool was the test of cognitive development that was consisting of (30) paragraphs of the type of multiple choice, and after ascertaining its sincerity and stability, It was applied to the sample research and data processing statistically showed the results the out performance of the experimental group over the controlled group was shown, this indicates the effectiveness of the model of intelligent education in cognitive development in the research sample.


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