Public relations activities in terrorist crises A survey of the Iraqi crisis cell formed by Daiesh crisis Hatem Kadhim Drigh

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Prof. Dr. Ali Jabbar Al- Shammari


The research deals with shedding light on public relations activities in terrorist crises, and focusing on the roles and tasks it undertakes in managing the crisis cell, in order to implement the steps of this research, the researcher used the survey method by distributing the research form to all (12) members of the crisis cell, the researcher also conducted some in-depth interviews with the members of the cell, and the research is divided into the methodological framework, the theoretical framework and the field framework, the research concluded that there is a great interest on the part of the crisis cell in instilling a sense of national responsibility in everyone, the crisis cell also worked to increase the flow of information in order to reduce rumors, and there were some obstacles facing the work of the cell by the international coalition in exchanging information and support in the confrontation, and the researcher finds an urgent need to increase interest and support for public relations activities after the termination of Daiesh page because the relations the public is characterized by permanence and continuity in work and continuous research in order to predict crises before they occur, and this matter is at the heart and essence of public relations.

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