Outcomes of Makassar City Public Water Company Partnership Program Implementation

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Muh Zulkifli Tahir, Sulaiman Asang, Thahir Haning, Nurdin Nara


The purpose of this study is to describe the outcomes of the implementation of the Regional Public Company (PERUMDA) drinking water Partnership in Makassar City. This research method uses qualitative research in which research questions lead to the achievement of direct data collection. The results showed that the implementation of the Partnership Program had an impact on the people of Makassar, individuals and groups who became the target group in accordance with the formulation of the policy objectives implemented. Changes in the people of Makassar City, especially those who are customers, both individuals and business groups who are officially registered as customers of the Makassar City Water Company, have made good use of service improvement innovations as the goal of the Makassar City Water Company Partnership Program. The results of this study also show that there are differences in the number of online payment activities compared to conventional payments.

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