The Impact of Employee Happiness and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Government Entities of Abu Dhabi: Moderating Effect of Transformational Leadership

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Ahmed salem Alazeezi , Associate Professor Dr. Zuraidah Zainol


Organizational citizen behavior is an essential element for the success of the organization but government entities fail to retain this element that motivates the researchers to examine this area with reference to the government entities (GE) of Abu Dhabi. Thus, the present study aimed to determine the effect of employee happiness (EH) and on organization citizenship behavior (OCB) and also determine the moderating effect of TL in the EH-OCB relationship. The study adopted quantitative approach. Sample for this study, which consisted of 295 employees of the selected government entities (GE) of Abu Dhabi, was chosen using convenient sampling. Data were collected using a questionnaire and analyzed using PLS-SEM. The findings revealed a significant and positive effect of employee happiness on OCB. The findings also indicated that the transformational leadership significantly moderates among employee happiness and OCB.

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