The Absorption of Culture in Organizing Good Governance in East Kalimantan

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Marsuq, Marjoni Rachman, Florentinus Sudiran


This study aims to determine the absorption of culture for apparatus in implementing good governance in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. This research method uses a combined qualitative-quantitative approach by gathering information about culture through survey, interview, observation methods. In analyzing this research data through the stages of data collection, data simplification, data presentation, and conclusions. The results of this study indicate that concern for culture is felt by the community while the government is high in terms of appreciation of culture, the aspect of participation supports strong cultural absorption in government organizations but is low in terms of transparency and accountability, respondents see participation and commitment related to culture that is absorbed by the community the existence of rules in accommodating culture in the delivery of good governance, rule of law, accountability, and transparency needs to be improved to support the absorption of culture in the implementation of good governance.

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