Word of Mouth Communication: An Antecedent of Brand Personality. The Case of Dairy Brands in Sri Lanka

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M. S. Ishar Ali, M. Farwis, M. C. A. Nazar, Aiman Athambawa


Word-of-mouth communication is all about communicating with others one’s experience with particular brand, is a key marketing approach for dairy product marketers in Sri Lanka because, the information provided through this channel is often viewed as reliable by others. According to the findings of this research, using word-of-mouth communication as a technique for developing Dairy brands' distinct characteristics is a critical aspect that may contribute to brand personality.By gathering data from 200 respondents, the current study intends to investigate the effect of word of mouth communication on brand personality.The findings show that word of mouth communication has a favorable impact on the development of a brand personality. This finding can function as course of action for marketing strategies in the context of fast moving consumer goods by building strong WOM strategy for dairy brands and thus resulting in brand personality.

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