A Study on the Relationship between College Students' Original Family Environment and Parental Rearing Patterns

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Meicai Gao, Kuo-Tung Shih


The parental rearing style is highly concerned by experts and scholars in psychology, education, and sociology. The main purpose of this research is to explore the relationship between the special environmental elements of college students' original families and their parental rearing style from the perspective of family systems. This study used cluster random sampling and the EMBU scale to survey 10 classes of 423 college students in central China. SPSS software was used to analyze the collected data. The results of this study was as follows: (1) There was a significant correlation between environmental factors of college students' original family and parenting styles; (2) In terms of the relationship between family background information and parental rearing styles, multiple regressions showed significant positive predictability; (3) There were significant differences in the distribution of parenting styles among different elements of the original family environment. This study concluded that there were significant differences in parenting styles and types of parenting based on different elements of the original family environment, including gender, place of residence, the one only child, and single parent family).

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