The Influence of Tour Leader’s Affective Traits on Work Outcomes

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Shen-Yin Liu, Haiying Zhang


The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between the emotional characteristics of team leaders and their work. Group members’ positive emotions, negative emotions, emotional burnout and tourism satisfaction are related to these three dimensions. Emotional burnout is effectively predicted as a specific intermediate variable. The importance of a tour leader’ personality is supposed to offer the tourism industry more space to think about how to effectively achieve positive results, and make suggestions to achieve emotional exhaustion and satisfaction-related operations for future recruitment, employment, evaluation as well as guidance. When selecting a tour leader, personality characteristics should be regarded as a reference. In fact, it is nearly impossible to truly understand the personality characteristics of the tour leader during the interview; instead those characteristics need to be analyzed and assessed in more a scientific way so that they will be allowed to play the role of positive emotions in a deeper way.

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