Promoting the Sustainable Development of China’s Art Colleges and Universities with Innovative Strategies: Taking Shanxi Media University as an Example

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Wei Wang, Wei Chen


Due to the specialty of the profession and the uncertainty of the cultural industry, media art majors still have some problems in the integrated development of production, teaching and research, which is a weak link in the media art education ecological chain. This paper uses the research methods of literature review, data statistics, logic analysis and other research methods, starting from the development status of Shanxi university, conducted field research on the music, instrumental music, performance, dance and other specialties of Shanxi Media University, and sorted out the problems of Shanxi Media University. Its problems in the integrated development of professional production, education and research include weak industrialization concept, lack of long-term operation mechanism, imperfect platform construction, serious shortage of investment funds and shortage of professional talents, etc. The four dimensions of environment, operating mechanism, talent cultivation and introduction, corresponding countermeasures are put forward in this paper, and the sustainable development path of integration, innovation, production, teaching and research of media art major colleges and universities is also discussed.

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