A Study on the Autonomous Learning and Sustainable Development of non-English Majors College English in the Network-based Environment

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Liangrui Zhou, Chun-Te Hsin


This research aims to explore autonomous learning and sustainable development of non-English majors College English in the network-based environment. The researcher has taught College English in the university ,found the problems in teaching and explores the feasibility of non-English Majors.This study takes the non-English majors of Liupanshui Normal University as the research object and uses observations and interviews as research methods. The conclusions and suggestions are as follow:

1.The current problems of “teaching” and “learning” in College English.

1)The teachers' teaching ideas are old-fashioned.2)The teachers' ability to master modern education technology is insufficient.3)The University evaluation is simple.4)The teachers have many teaching tasks.5)The students’ English learning quality needs to be improved.

2.The effective ways to solve the problems of “teaching” and “learning” in College English.

1)The university should establish a scientific autonomous learning system to guide teachers and students.2)The teachers should establish the concept of "student-centered" and change the old-fashioned pedagogy.3)The cultivation of students' autonomous learning ability should be regarded as one of the training objectives.

3.The suggestions.

1)The university needs to strengthen the necessity and practicality of College English.2)The university needs to properly integrate the faculty.

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