A Study on the Influence of Awe on Diversification of Consumer Behavior from the Perspective of Sino-Thai Cultural Differences

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Wu Wei, Chen Wang Kun


In order to understand the impact of cultural differences between China and Thailand on emotion and consumer behavior, this paper studied the impact of awe on diversified consumer behavior and the moderating effect of cultural differences between China and Thailand on the impact by the experimental method. In this paper, 280 students in Nanchang for China and Bangkok for Thailand were selected as the research object, and the students in these two places were divided into four groups: the Chinese control group, the Chinese experimental group, the Thai control group and the Thai experimental group. The research showed that awe had a significant negative impact on the diversification of consumer behavior, and awe had an impact on both Chinese and Thai consumers. However, the impact on Chinese and Thai consumers had not reached a significant difference, that was, the cultural differences between China and Thailand have no significant moderating effect on this effect. This paper could provide some empirical references for future cross-cultural researchers.

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