A Study of the Relationship between External Incentive and Teachers' Initiative Innovation Behaviors in Scientific Research of Local Universities in Western China

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Haitao Lu, Wenchuan Wu


The innovation power of organization comes from individual innovation behavior. Whether external incentive measures can effectively stimulate individual innovation behavior, researchers have not come to a consistent conclusion. Local colleges and universities in Western China have obvious location disadvantages and limited funds. It is urgent to clearly understand the relationship between external incentives and teachers' active innovation in scientific research in decision-making. Based on this, this study takes the teachers of six local colleges and universities in S Province of Western China as the research object, adopts the convenient sampling method, issues questionnaires to collect data, and uses SPSS 24.0 as the statistical analysis tool. The research results show that external motivation has a significant explanatory power(Statistical interpretation) on teachers' initiative innovation behaviors, autonomous motivation completely mediates external motivation and active innovation behaviors, and the positive explanation power of active motivations of high-medium thinking group is higher than that of low-medium Thinking group. Based on the research results, this paper puts forward practical suggestions for local colleges and universities to formulate incentive system.

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