Hormonal Evaluation of Obesity As a Risk Factor For Breast Tumors

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Neam M. AL-Hafidh, Huda Y. AL-Attar


The purpose of this study was to estimate some of the indicators as a risk factors of breast tumors. The study included the measurements of the Body Mass Index (BMI), Cortisol, Leptin and Vitamin D in blood serum of: 165 samples: (85) of them satisfactory sample of patients with breast cancer, (30) with benign breast diseases and (50) healthy women were used as a control. Samples were collected from the Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Specialized Hospital in Mosul. The results were as showed a highly significant increase (P≥ 0.01 ) in serum levels of cortisol and leptin in patients with breast cancer with controls groups, while there were no significant differences in the levels between patients with benign breast disease and control groups. The patients with breast cancer were found significant lower (P≥0.01 )  in the levels of serum Vitamin D in patients with breast cancer and no differences in patients with benign breast diseases compared with controls groups. The results also showed a significant increase in the (BMI) for the first age group of benign breast tumors and a significant increase (P≥0.01 ) for all groups of malignant tumor compared with control groups . The results showed increased with the progression of tumor stage progresses from first to third stage while decrease in the fourth stage. The highest level of cortisol was observed in the first stage of tumor and decreased in the second stage, more decreased was noticed in third stage, while in forth stage was increased. The results showed that levels of leptin increased with progression of tumor stages. Also the results indicates decrease in the level of Vitamin D as the tumor stages progress.

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