Women Entrepreneurs' Challenges in the Wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Entrepreneurs are women who start, start up, organize, and manage businesses independently or in groups. Female entrepreneurs make a significant contribution to economic progress. Due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the standard situation (financial shortages, competition, responsibilities, and so on) would resurface just in the case of girls’ entrepreneurs. The COVID 19 crisis can be turned into an advantage for female entrepreneurs. Fear and, at times, denial are bred by uncertainty. Even though women leaders might want to take a back seat, hoping that things would return to normal before the pandemic, supporting and catalysing women's entrepreneurship was a topic that was gaining traction across intermediary organizations and investment firms. Providing relevant training to women entrepreneurs and access to flexible financing options to help them stay afloat are both excellent places to start. The COVID 19 pandemic provides opportunities for women entrepreneurs. These women need more help than in the past. They are pivoting, adapting, and repurposing their businesses in the short term. Women entrepreneurs, even when confronted with adversity, find new ways to innovate and market their businesses.

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