A study on Role and Application of Cloud Engineering & Cloud Computing in Business Reengineering with reference to Netflix

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Sonal Khatri, Dr. Shailendrakumar Kale


The high-end technology innovations and digitalization have reshaped the business front rapidly with changing consumer needs and behavior patterns. This shift in consumer behavior pattern is driven by the technological innovations and upgraded business front. These IT innovations are also known as IT disruptive forces which helps to reshape and rebuild the business fronts and strategies to cater to the changing needs of the consumers.

Cloud computing and engineering is one of the IT disruptive forces which plays an important role in shaping up the business to cater to the changing needs of the customers. Cloud computing is a metaphor that represents the on-demand availability of the cloud infrastructure by a third party which is managed by the service provider itself. Thus, reduces the operational cost and maintenance overhead for its clients. It also helps to improve the flexibility, efficiency and scalability of the core operations of the client.

This study focuses on the role and application of the cloud engineering infrastructure and cloud computing technology in reshaping and reengineering business with reference to Netflix. Netflix is a US based online entertainment service provider, offering service across the globe. Netflix has gone through an interesting journey from being a DVD rental company to a multi-million global ott tv service provider giant.

The main objective of the study is to understand how cloud computing infrastructure helps a business to shape up and grow in a short span of time. It also captures the opportunities and challenges associated with cloud computing services and infrastructure.

The study reveal various fronts on which Cloud computing and cloud engineering has played an important role in reengineering Netflix’s business to cater its unique worldwide client segments. Major findings of the study highlight the role of cloud computing infrastructure in reshaping Netflix strategic front which helped it to become a global giant serving 195 countries worldwide.

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