An Efficient Algorithm for Enhancing QOS in VANET

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Parimala Garnepudi, Suneetha Vesalapu, Vidyullatha P, A V R Mayuri, R Prathap Kumar


The Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) has gained apparent unity in information appropriation and information communication as a result of enormous improvement in distant enterprises. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have arranged a large number of Information Finding Agents (IFAs), also known as Road Side Units (RSUs), along the roadways to monitor and oversee traffic conditions. Despite the fact structure of VANET is schemed depending on expected passages and also by recognizing how many coaches are shown. In this report, we offer an effective TCC and IFAs are fully integrated into the algorithm for traffic infrastructure. Communication between one vehicle and another will be difficult under the existing design. obtain more assistance by the presence of buses and also grant the efficient usage IFAs and TCC. IFA’s is depleted to make certainty of the data which it has collected, TCC, on the other hand, is utilized to quickly detect the destination vehicle. We also look at how this sort of construction might be beneficial in the future.

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