Digital Investment Avenues & individual’s perception towards Digital Investment with reference to Mumbai City

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Ms. Dhara Vora, Dr. Kushagra Goel


An important aspect of one’s life is to utilise the idle money to create or increase their wealth. Investment is a commitment of your funds which have been saved today to fulfil the future goals. Investment is a process by which your wealth which is lying idle is employed somewhere to increase the wealth. Although, people are still reluctant to choose new options to make their idle money to grow and unaware of various avenues and importance of a wise investment in one’s life. Digital Investment helps the investors to know their status of investment and ensures smooth and hassle free trading.

In this paper, we are going to discuss where and how people make a decision about their investments options & what are the various options available to an individual to invest their money. This paper compares the traditional V/S modern investments like Bond Investments & Fixed deposits with Mutual funds and capital markets, & also compares the aspects of Physical gold and Paper gold. Further on this paper describes what are the factors that motivates an individual to make certain investments & the perception of an individual about their Investments and wealth creations. And lastly this paper also discusses why there is a need for diversifying one’s portfolio to gain stable growth and less risk. As this new normal has changed the way an individual used to live their lives.

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