Gender Discrimination in Indian Tradition and Mythology, - with Special Reference of Assam.

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Miss Juri Nath, Dr. Malabika Bhattacharyya


India is a male dominant country where male recognizes as more capable than woman. From the very beginning men are considered as bread winners and women are expected to take care of the house and raise children. This paper throws light on the role played by gender discrimination in the forms of various socio-economic tradition, mythology and in the epic and literature about women’s position degradation, gender discrimination in various field like, education, decision making power, experience of domestic violence and various schemes under state government for empowering women are discussed on special reference to Assam using secondary data obtained from various sources. The study reveals that development process in the state is not gender neutral, women enjoy quite inferior status to men. In comparison to other prevailing social problems in India, gender discrimination is not considered to be a very serious problem especially in Assam. But it has weakened the strength of the female community of India.

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