Multi-criteria DEA approach for finding performance of dust accumulation and reflector influence on the PV module

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Rahul Anand, Rupendra Kumar Pachauri, Shashi Kant, Ranjan Mishra, Vikas Pandey


This paper evaluates the relative performance of twenty-two cases on the photovoltaic (PV) module under different environmental conditions with dust accumulation and reflector influence, through the application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Multi-Criteria Data Envelopment Analysis (MCDEA). In the DEA method, more than one unit is identified as an efficient operation. Therefore, this study provides a method for ranking the more efficient case by their importance. It notifies the inefficient cases through measurement. For obtaining the efficient case, the MCDEA method is used that has three conditions: minimizing d0, minimizing the sum of the deviations, and minimizing the maximum deviation. It is observed that only the MDU rated are more efficient under the three criteria (Ir1R4W0T0, Ir1R4W1T2, Ir1W2T2) based on the combination of dust weight, irradiation, etc. combinations.

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