A Scalable Time Distributed Mobility Selection Scheme for Reactive Zone based routing protocol on Mobile Adhoc Network

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Jim Mathew Philip, Dr. A N Jayanthi


 In mobile Adhoc networks, Network communication between mobile nodes increases the collision and congestion on route discovery which reflects in the degradation of the network performance. In order to mitigate the routing issue, importance of the Zone Clustering of the nodes has to be considered. In this paper, we propose a novel Scalable Time Distributed mobility Selection Scheme for reactive routing of Mobile Adhoc Network under channel access, Channel Aggregation and zone clustering of nodes under uniform and non uniform traffic patterns. However proposed protocol utilizes the trace file for channel allocation to the data communication. Trace file is collected through the carrier or channel information in the clustered nodes to form the channel state information. The clustering of node based on zone and time is to increase the scalability and lifetime of the network by grouping the mobile nodes with constrainst like location similarity or node density similarities. The objective is to increase the scalability by generating the multiple cluster zones with cluster head through Cooperative Clustering. Cooperative Clustering is carried out using Particle Swarm Optimization to determine the optimal zone radius of nodes. Clusters facilitates for graceful channel migration between one another to form dynamic migration zones to facilitate the information or packet dissemination and dynamically reforms clusters according to each node's routing requirement, Node density, and queue length. The results of simulation carried out on Proposed Routing protocol demonstrate the superiority in terms of throughput and computational complexity compared with zone based routing protocols on range and radius of mobility scenario.

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