Exploring the Influence of Online Social Networking at Workplace and its Impact on Employee Productivity-An Empirical Investigation

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Priya Jindal , Jasmine Kaur


The prospects of the success of an organization will be determined by various factors and employees are no less than an essential asset for any successful organization. Employees are value creators and fortune makers for organizations. Today the success story of organizations depends heavily on the skill and caliber of the employees. Currently, organizations are working in a cut-throat competition-type environment. To have a sustainable competitive advantage the organizations are progressively more interesting to adopt advanced technologies for the smooth functioning of their business operations. The cyber age has offered a plethora of online social networking platforms commonly known as social media. Social media, a powerful tool is used not only for enjoyment and socializing, but it also caters to the business motives in every organization irrespective of its nature. However, the organization faces tremendous challenges while utilizing social media at the workplace among employees such as interruption of their productivity through time wastage.

Therefore, the awareness regarding the impact of the usage of social media platforms in context with the employee’s productivity is limited and there is a need of the hour to create a fine tune between the social media usage at the workplace and its impacts on worker’s productivity in relation with the use of precious organizational possessions and valuable era. This empirical research examines the influence of online social networking on employees’ productivity in the service-providing sector.

workplace and employee productivity by increasing collaboration among individuals having common interests and goals. Enhanced collaboration certainly will encourage the transfer of knowledge in the form of information and facts sharing among persons with the possible projection of increased productivity. Since the use of social media is unavoidable in competitive environments at the workplace, therefore the management in an organization needs to find out a strategy to generate the utmost advantage of its application in various business dealing processes.

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