Factors affecting teaching engagement in higher educational Institutions of Uttarakhand

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Nilambara Shrivastav, Kulwant Kumar Sharma


The primary focus of this research is to explain hypothetical queries “what are the important factors affecting the teaching engagement in higher education of Uttrakhand? What impact do these factors have on teacher’s engagement in the institution? A cross-sectional exploratory study was done to explore the factors, their associations, and their impact on each other. Data collection was done through standardized questionnaires from 265 teachers working in different higher educational institutes situated primarily in Uttrakhand. Data were analyzed by using SPSS-23. The study revealed that appraisal and rewards were positively correlated with teacher’s engagement and had a significant positive impact as well. Along with this, a significant positive association was analyzed between the faculty development program and workshops with class engagement as had a significant influence on the class engagement.

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