Covid-19 - prospectiveness of alternate system of medicine Homoeopathy – pre, post and during the contagion

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Vyshnavi V.U, Gayathry Sunil, Indu A.S


In 2020, the world witnessed the most horrific sight in the form of the pandemic, Corona(Covid-19).After an interval, the second wave has been reported in March 2021.Even after continuous battling for over 1 year, the chance of defeating the pandemic is creating a wide commotion in the society and has been creating far-reaching health consequences.Homoeopathy, one of the systems of medical science that was ignored,and considered for curing diseasesslowly, is getting all the limelight as many medicines from Homoeopathy, have proven to becapableofpreventingand curing Covid-19 without lasting post-Covid syndromes and related health issues.This paper attempts to make a study on Covid-19, Homoeopathy, and its significant role in preventing and treating the pandemic, Covid-19.

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