Research Output on Co-Morbidities as Reflected in the Scopus Database: A Scientometric Analysis

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Dr. GavisiddappaAnandhalli


The paper  examined76798 publications on comrbidities, as covered in Scopus database during 2010-2020.The  growth of literature is an increasing trend year after year and the highest research productivity is observed  in 2020 (13633-17.75%)and the lowest number 2996 articles (3.90%)  were published  in 2010. On an average 15.27 % of the annualgrowth rate is observed during the study period and the highest 40.31% of the  growth was reported in 2020 and minimum  6.93% in  2018.  The maximum 8.32% of the CAGR was recorded in 2011. The RGR of the article has decreasing trend and doubling time of the article have increasing trend. Further, it is observed that research output in the area of co-morbiditiesis published in the form of research articles (60323-78.55%). The highest degree of collaboration (.983) is observed in this field dominating more number of multiple authors.  The highest number of articles was contributed by the USA and more than 75% of the publications were contributed by USA, England, China and South Korea at the global level and most of publications are published in English language.The considerable collaborative research activity is taking place in the field of co-morbidities.

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