The effect of a Suggested Swimming Activity Program on the Physical fitness Components of the Blind Students in the Hashemite University

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Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad harafsheh, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul chani Salameh, Dr. Faleh Sultan Abu Eid, Dr. Abdel monem Abutabenjeh, Dr. Raiea Marouf Alkrasat, Suliman Mohammad alghodran


  This study is intended to examine the effect of the suggested swimming activity program on the physical fitness improvements of the blind students in the Hashemite University.

         The sample of the study was 10 male blind students selected randomly. The researcher's used the experimental methodology of one group design. The selected students applied the suggested swimming program for 8 weeks period divided into three training sessions, each session period was 90 minutes.

         For collecting and preparing the required data for the study, the selected sample passes through a pre-application test before starting the program and another test after the program has been finished. The appropriate statistical equations and analysis including mathematical means, standard deviations and T-Test.

          The results of research indicated that the suggested swimming program has a positive and effective result on all the studied variables, which means that improving the physical fitness elements studied.

From the research results and conclusions the researcher's recommended generalizing the results for all people working in this field and to make other researcher's upon students with special needs.


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