A Study on the Portfolio Mix of the Retail Investors during COVID-19 with Special Reference to Mumbai Region

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Dr. Gowri Shankar Mupppavaram , Mrs. Kanan Bhatt


As survival goals became predominant during the unexpected contingency of Covid-19, it became equally important look after one’s financial health. Many people suffered from a money crisis due to unemployment, pushing them to look for alternate sources of income such as investment in Portfolio channels, which promised higher returns. It became imperative for the Retail investors to manage their Portfolio mix with due care and diligence so as to extend a strong support to their family incomes during the Covid-19 period. The present study focuses upon studying the various components of the Portfolio mix of the Retail investors as well as the factors influencing their Portfolio mix. It is also aimed at analysing the trends of Portfolio mix of Retail investors before and after the outbreak of Covid-19. In alignment of the research objectives stated above, the hypotheses were formulated. Various statistical techniques like Simple Percentage Method, One Way ANOVA, Pearson Correlation, Cluster Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling were used for the purpose of testing the hypotheses. The Strurctural Equation Modelling[SEM] has been designed in the study to determine the impact of the situation of Before COVID-19[BCO] and During COVID-19[DCO] on Digital Payment System [DPS].

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