Modern Health Monitoring And Analysis Using Iot Technology

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N.L.N.Vishnu Vardhan Acharya, Dr.K.Sudha Rani


The Internet of Things is evolving constantly and rapidly by connecting devices and interacting with people. It is very important to apply effective, safe and secure solutions to encourage people to enroll for services in the IoT network. Electronic signatures, smart encryption, and robust laws are needed to control the use of private data by hospitals and third parties.In this paper, we will discuss on how to acquire the SPO2 concentration, Heart-Rate and Temperature of a person to monitor the variations in its value and update accordingly to the doctor or the caregiver using Raspberry PI 3 which acts as a mini-computer  as the processor and displays the measured values in the form of graph with assigned threshold value limits on the web-page or Thingspeak that has been created for this specific purpose so that the doctor gets a clear idea on where the condition of the patient holds and also on how to treat patients when their severity increases .

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