The emergence of Nation and Nationalism: an ontic study

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Saikat Majumdar, Dr. Sandip Sarkar


After turning on, the word 'nation' got a multi-layered shape and multifocal interpretations by streaming into and streaming through the ripples like anthropology, political science, history, and ethnicity. Even before involving in the discourse of nationalism, it is necessary to get acquainted with the concept nation as words like race, nationalism and nation are deeply intertwined historically, politically, and culturally. 'Nation', the concept has gained importance in the age of political consciousness worldwide, especially after democratic revolutions in the eighteenth century generally refer to a united community living in a particular territory and creating a process or 'apparatus' for the sovereign homogenized national sentiment. This apparatus or tool is nationalism that sensitizes human history and existence, sometimes generous and often to achieve indomitable dominion supremacy. This paper seeks to intersect and tries to undermine the motley of theoretical postulation of nation and nationalism, which remain as the subject of critical discourse in various disciplines.

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