Two-Level Hierarchal Protocol to Improve Lifetime of Internet of Things

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Divya sharma, Dr. Dinesh Javalkar


Internet of things (IoT) is an innovative area in the field of technology. This network has potential for accessing the entire information whose collection is done from other things and integrating this information into smaller pieces. The IoT network has a major issue of energy consumption which can be solved with the approach of clustering. The gateway nodes are introduced in the network which can increase the level of hierarchy and reduce energy consumed in the network. In a network, sensor nodes are responsible to transmit data to cluster head which transmit information to the gateway node. Afterward, the information is sent to the sink by the gateway node. MATLAB is applied to execute the suggested model and results are compared between LEACH, LEACH-C and proposed LEACH in terms of the number of dead nodes, the number of alive nodes and the number of packets whose transmission is done in the network. 

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