The Impact Of Styles Of Communication On Employees’ Performance In Hospitals Of National Capital Region Of India.

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Dr. Anju Sigroha, Gaurav


This paper evaluates the relationship between styles of communication and their impact on employees’ performance. Four styles of communication (passive, passive aggressive, assertive and aggressive) are used to predict the employees’ performance in hospitals. Twenty four dimensions of the employees’ performance are used in this study. It is based on the paramedic staff of public and private hospitals of National Capital Region of India. 670 respondents are chosen on stratified random sampling technique and questionnaire method is used for collection of primary data. Structure Equation Molding (SEM) is used for data analysis and interpretation. All the best fit indices are used to test the reliability and validity of samples and results. The result of the study said assertive style of communication is best for employees’ performance. It is much productive for hospitals as well as for patient. It creates standards for hospitals and helps to achieve the goal of the hospitals.

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