Synthesis, Characterization And Anti-Microbial Activity Of C- 3 Substituted Lawsonemonoximates Of Ytterbium (Iii)

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Shrikant B. Jagtap


An organic compound with presence of hetero atoms shows very interesting characteristics. They show a wide range of application in the field of pharmaceutical, analytical and co-ordination chemistry. They also possess a variety of biological application. When these compounds are used in co-ordination chemistry and chelated with different metals gives rise to various physio chemical properties. They also tend to show a very good biological activity. In present work C-3 substituted Lawsonemonoximates are synthesized and chelates of Yetterbium (III) are prepared. The antimicrobial activity of the compounds was determined by disk diffusion method and broth micro-dilution techniques using Mueller Hinton medium against the following organisms.

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