The Effects of Task-Based Instruction on EFL Students’ Writing Accuracy and Fluency

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Vu Phi Ho Pham, et al.


The purpose of this research was to determine if task-based teaching improved EFL students' writing performance in terms of fluency and accuracy. The research included 56 non-English majors at Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The control group learnt to write paragraphs using a product-based approach, which corresponded to existing teaching methods and the study environment, while the experimental group learned to write using task-based training. Pre- and post-test data were collected to assess pupils' writing abilities. The research shows that the experimental group achieved a substantial improvement in post-test scores as a consequence of the fourteen-week therapy with task-based training. Additionally, the present research established a new and creative teaching approach to assist local instructors in reflecting on their existing teaching methods in order to improve their effectiveness.

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