An Introductory Approach of Recognition of Melanoma Skin Cancer Recognition in early stages using Support Vector Machine with Various Kernel

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Rahul Thakur, Dr. Vaibhav Panwar


In today's world, skin cancer is seen as the most prevalent cause of death in people. This type of cancer is not consistent or patchy, but it can occur everywhere in the body, with skin cells that usually arise on particular sections of the body that are more likely to be exposed to light. When identified early, most skin cancers can be treated. This means that a patient's life is saved by discovering skin cancer early and readily. Modern technologies have made it feasible to early detect skin cancer at an early stage.The biopsy procedure [1] is a method for diagnosing skin cancer that is done in a systematic manner. It is accomplished by harvesting skin cells, which are then sent to various laboratories for analysis. It's a long and unpleasant procedure (in terms of time). We suggested a skin cancer detection method based on svm for primitive detection of skin cancer disease. It's more beneficial to the patients. The identification approach employs a variety of image processing techniques as well as the supervised learningalgorithm Support Vector Machine (SVM).Microscopy of epiluminescience is done using an image and in particular with numerous pre-processing procedures used to reduce sound objects and improvise image quality. Certain thresholding techniques, such as OTSU, are used to segment data. To erase particular visual features, the GLCM approach must be utilised. As input, these properties are sent into the classifier.To identify data sets, the supervised learning model (SVM) is used. It assesses whether or not a photograph is malignant using various different kernel with their accuracies.

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