“Is COVID -19 Affecting Student Performance?” Academic Achievement of College Students during COVID-19 Pandemic – An Analysis

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Dr. Runjun Saikia


Academic achievement refers to how far a student successfully achieved his educational goals. It refers to the scholastic achievement of the student at the end of an academic programme. The academic achievement of students differs from one another in spite of having similar academic facilities, environment and aspiration etc. The aim of the present study is to find out the academic achievement of the B.A. 6th semester students of general degree colleges of Lakhimpur district affiliated to the Dibrugarh University of Assam during COVID-19 pandemic and descriptive method has been used for that purpose. The study's main findings revealed that the overall academic performance of B.A. 6th semester college students is not satisfactory during COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020.The female students have higher overall academic achievement than male students. Major course students have higher academic achievement than general course students, and general course male students have higher academic achievement than female students. Female students in Major courses perform better academically than male students. The academic achievement of student is below fifty percent (50%) in all major disciplines with exception of Bodo discipline.

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