Pancasila’s Economy is the Repairded Value System in Indonesia

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Dr. Abdul Aziz, et al.


Pancasila as an ideology and view of the nation's life which is also the main pillar in knitting the integrity of the nation through a shared idea in the continuation of the life of the nation and state that had been conceived by the founding fathers of the old nation is no longer heard in the context of being a post-reform state system. The stability of the democratic system in the life of the nation and state, especially in the political system, makes Pancasila no longer a choice of ideology, the system and even references and guidelines in the reference to the practice of statehood and national life behaviour in all the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the practice of collusion, corruption, and cartels in the economic field has inevitably become a spectacle in the recent development and economic development. Will Pancasila become its own master in the country of its birth.

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