Cultural Tourism: The Socio-Cultural Impact on Moyo Festival, Sumbawa-Indonesia

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Hasan Basri, et al.


This paper extends our understanding of cultural festivals through investigating how Moyo festival impacts society in the content area of social and culture in Sumbawa Island.This ethnography-qualitative approach evaluates five aspects of festival theoretical background; MoyoFestival’spositioninSumbawa tourism and cultural identity, transportation and infrastructure establishment,local drivesforattendingthefestival,involvement and satisfactionalong withresident’s recommendation.Two Facebook groups (Adventurous Sumbawa and RunganSamawa) were selected with 300 respondents participating in Moyo Festival, held by the regional government of Sumbawa. In-depth semi-structured interviews were applied, and questionnaire was distributed to record respondents’ perspective of Moyo festival and its socio-cultural impacts. The finding shows that hosting MoyoFestivalcreated a robust impact on local cultural identity and boosted the image of cultural tourism development. It is also believed that Moyo festival increases the tourist visits along with the way of introducing the greatness of Sumbawa culture widely. New means of transport were constructed to support promoting and endorsing the events. Host-societies are largely satisfied. However, numerous recommendations of future festival are suggested. 

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