User Identification on Smartphone through Authentication Using Keystroke Dynamics

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Ms. Pragya Vaishnav, Dr. Manju Kaushik, Dr. Linesh Raja


 Currently Smartphone has become primary necessity for populace. Everyone managetheir personal and confidential data on mobiles. However it is essential to increase the security of the smartphone.Authentication is a process or action to verify the identity of a user or process and it prohibitsthe unauthorised access from intruders. Password is the universal key component of authentication that is easy to crack as everyone can remember the password. Therefore it is required to use advance mechanism to enhance the security.Keystroke dynamics is a secure and authenticbehavioural biometricbased technique based on typing behaviour of any individual. This technique identifies the identity of the userthroughtheir typing behaviour on keyboard. In this paper author comparing the features and methods of keystroke dynamics to find the best accuracy result mention in Table 2 of section 2 and comparing the different positions of using smartphone to get the best EER as well in Table 3of section 5.

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