Student Well-Being in Online Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Voice in the Field

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Suyatno, et al.


Online learning during the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in psychological impacts on students, such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and burned out. Many literatures relevant to the issue have mentioned that student well-being proves to be one of the influencing components of a student’s success. However, being a significant factor, no research has related student well-being with online learning during the covid-19 pandemic. The current study explored the students’ experience in determining the aspects influencing their well-being in online learning during the pandemic to fill in the gap.The data were gathered through an interview with 12 senior high-schoolers who have attended online learning for one year in Yogyakarta City. The study, employing interpretative phenomenology, found that the student well-being is established from several factors. For example, the teachers are aware and concerned, the learning is enjoyable and less burdening, and the peers are fun and supportive. The findings can be used as a reference for teacher training institutions (LPTK), principals, and teachers to improve student well-being during online learning.

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