A Review on Synthetic Approaches for Preparation of Donor-Acceptor Conjugated System

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Mahima Pundir, Jagdeep Kumar


Theimportance of donor-acceptor conjugated molecules has been increased since last few decades. These molecules are attracting great attention in the field of academics and also in industries. These molecules contain conjugated system with electron donor (rich) and electron acceptor (deficient) group attached to it. In these molecules, the electrons are transferred from HOMO of electron donating unit to LUMO of electron accepting unit. These conjugated molecules have wide applications in solar cells, bio sensors, photovoltaics, organic field transistors and many others. Many researches have been done on these conjugated molecules so as to encourage these materials as a potential candidate for optoelectronic and electroluminescent properties. This review gives an outline of the synthesis of various donor acceptor conjugated molecules by alternatively combining different acceptor units and donor units using different cross coupling reactions like Stille coupling reaction, Buchwald-Hartwig coupling, Suzuki coupling, direct arylation, Ullman cross coupling and Eglinton-Glaser coupling reactions.

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