Design of Solar Powered Air Purifier with Air Quality Monitoring

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Arun Chakravarthy R., et al.


This paper is regarding planning and making out an air setup system with quality check of the air at any place. It uses an extra high power energy resource for checking the efficiency of the system which reduces pollution in and outside. The air consists of many suspended particulates to be extracted. This is done in the basis of per area particulate method even in the key particulate contributing area such as urban areas and industrial areas. It deals with a nonconventional procedure and purposes to achieve absolute best air filtration results exploitation eco-accommodating and efficient method. It chips away at the major guideline of grip of the suspended particles inside the air with the fluid and settles down on account of being heavier than air and gets isolated from the air serving to United States to accomplish higher air quality index. The turbine runs in a way to collect the impurities in the region and splits them to a separate channel with the help of power radiation intensity using panels.

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