Young Consumers and Their Relationship with Brand: An Empirical Analysis

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Dr. Umesh Ramchandra Raut, Dr. Prafulla Arjun Pawar Dr. Gyanendra Singh Sisodia, Dr. Siyovush Bobokhonov


The Indian young urban consumers are benefiting from dividends of the India’s transformed economic reforms over the past decade. The preferences of young people have changed with the new Indian economic reforms. They have shunned the use of unbranded products which were characterised by the slow growth and frugal lifestyles. To keep updated for the need of the products an essential task is considered to be is analysing the attitude of young consumers in today's marketing world. Attraction towards the advanced technology, a quick adaptation of new market trends and many others make the young consumers very crucial for marketers and brand managers. The objective of the present study is to identify the role of a young consumer in the brand relationship development. The various brand relationship dimensions were considered in the research analysis. In order to achieve the objective of this research, appropriate research designs were applied and the data was collected from the sample of the study and with the help of SPSS and appropriate statistical tools and techniques data was analyzed. The output of the present research provides a significant application to the relationship development of brand manager.

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