Organizational Culture and Person Organization Fit as Antecedents of Psychological Ownership

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MustafaAslan, Harun Demirkaya, Hülya Ateşoğlu


The importance of psychological ownership for organizations has started to attract researches on the subject for the last decade, but all the antecedents of it have not been clearly defined yet. This study investigates the effect of the organizational culture on psychological ownership and the mediating role of person-organization fit. The study adopted a convenient sampling method and was conducted in the hospitality sector with a total of 316 participants from various hotels located in Antalya, Turkey. Analyses were carried out with the PLS-SEM technique, and the results show that clan-type and adhocracy-type cultures affect the affective psychological ownership, hierarchy-type culture affects job-based psychological ownership, while market-type culture has no effect on either affective or job-based psychological ownership. The results also show that the person-organization fit only has a mediation effect in the effects of clan-type and adhocracy-type cultures on affective and job-based psychological ownership.

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