Educational Leadership: The Role Of School Administrators

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Salwati Su@Hassan, Mohammad Fikri Sharbini, Suryani Ali, Hamidah Abdul Hamid, Yasni Nurul Huda Mohd Yassin, Rohanida Daud, Mohd Norazmi Nordin, Mohd Zukifli Ismail


Education Is A Field That Is Constantly Evolving And Constantly Changing With The Passage Of Time. This Relatively Drastic Pace And Change Requires Quality Management In Ensuring That Education Is Always Well Administered. Good Management Is Also Essential To Maintain The Best Educational Services. However, In That Effort, There Are Various Constraints And Also Challenges Faced By The Education Management, Especially In Schools. This Study Aims To Explore The Real Role Of School Management Directly From The Field And Through The Perspective Of Teachers In Schools. Studies That Use This Qualitative Approach Make Interviews As A Way To Collect Data. A Total Of 20 Respondents Were Involved, Consisting Of Randomly Selected School Teachers. The Findings Of The Study Found That There Are Four Main Roles Of School Management Namely As A Mentor, As A Facilitator, As A Leader And As A Motivator. The Results Of This Study Are Expected To Help Future Researchers In Conducting Further Research.

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