Communication In Special Education Leadership

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Faizul Nizar Anuar, Mohd Norazmi Nordin, Juritah Misman, Lalithawathy Kunaseelan, Bahiah A Malek, Kasawani Ibrahim, Sofia Elias


Communication Is Very Important In Leadership. With Communication, We Can Communicate Our Wishes And Needs More Effectively And In An Orderly Manner. In The Process Of Expressing A Particular Wish, Good Communication Is Strongly Encouraged To Be Practiced. With Communication As Well, It Can Reflect One's Personality. Education Is One Of The Areas That Place Great Emphasis On Good Communication. There Is Also Communication That Takes Place Directly And Indirectly. However, All Communication Situations Are Intended To Express The Intention Of Something. More Specifically, Special Education Also Requires Good And Effective Communication In Helping Each Of Its Citizens To Deal Better. This Study Aims To Explore The Elements Of Good Communication That Can Be Practiced By Leaders In Special Education. This Qualitative Study Involved 20 Special Education Teachers In The District Of Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia As Respondents. Interviews Were Conducted, Transcribed And Thematically Analyzed To Obtain The Findings Of The Study. The Findings Of This Study Show That There Are Five Important Aspects In Communication Practice In Special Education Leadership, Namely Language, Level, Intonation, Communication Way And Delivering Style. It Is Hoped That The Findings Of This Study Can Help Further Researchers In Their Quest For Further Research.

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