The Practice And Competency Of Jawi Teaching Using Multimedia Among Kafa Teachers

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Mohd Akhbar Ab Kadir, Azhar Muhammad, Mohd Norazmi Nordin, Nor Zanira Abd Manan, Nor Adila Mohd Noor, Wan Nor Raihan


Education Is A System In A Life Containing Activities Related To The Formation And Development Of Knowledge, Skills, Spirituality And Physical Human. In General, Education Is Only The Forms Of Training To Form Individuals, Society And Country In Accordance With Reality And Current Challenges. However, Islamic Education Is Not All-Eye-Giving Tutoring To The Community But Covers A Wide Process. Islamic Education Covers All Aspects Of Worldly Or Ukhrawi Life. In Educating Humans, Islam Takes Into Account The Fact Of Human Incidents Consisting Of Physical, Common Sense And Soul, Without Ignoring Any Part. In This Respect, Islam Educates A Whole Man Covering All Aspects Of Life Whether Physical, Common Sense And Soul Or A Life Of Nature (Material) And Maknawi (Spiritual) (Human Development In The National Education Philosophy, 2015). Religious Education Is An Important Aspect Of Building A Human Personality. The Development Of A Human Being Can Be Formally Applied Through The Education Of Al-Quran And Fardhu Ain (Kafa). The Aim Of This Kafa Education Is To Educate And Form Pupils To Develop The Individual's (Human), In Line With The Qur'an And As-Sunnah. It Is Therefore Able To Produce Strong Faith And Practice In Allah And To Appreciate The Moral And Lifestyle Of Islam.

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