Impact of Green Marketing Strategies followed by Detergent Manufacturers on Consumers

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M. Rajanikanth, Subhrotosh Banerjee


‘Green Marketing’ is process where the manufacturers sell their products based on the impact of that product on the environment. It includes the basic features of the products, usage, or packing of the product, which have minimal impact on the environment.  Increasing in the awareness among the consumers about the environment is motivating them to buy the products that are environmental friendly. The other side manufacturers are trying to design new products and process or modifying the existing products to suit the new customer and environmental requirements. Detergents are an integral part of civilised society. Though some of the detergent manufacturing companies are following green marketing strategies, like water saving detergents, there are no specific studies conducted to know the impact of these strategies on consumer buying behaviour. This study was conducted in five metro cities, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai with a sample size of 370. The study found that green marketing claims made by the detergent companies is one of the important factors that motivates the consumers to buy a particular brand.

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