Comprehending Gender Differences in Body Esteem and Self Concept

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Yogita Sharma, Thiyam Kiran Singh, Payal Kanwar Chandel


The present endeavour was undertaken to compare the Body-Esteem and Self-concept among young boys and girls. A sample of 200youth aged between (15-24) years of Jaipur city was taken for the study. The sample comprised of an equal number of boys (n = 100) and girls (n = 100) respondents. The sample was selected by the means of the Convenience Sampling method. The data for the present study were obtained with the help of Body Esteem scale (Frost et al., 2018) and Self-Concept Scale (Deo, 2011).To achieve the objective of the study, a Between-group design was created. Moreover, the analysis of the obtained data was done with the help of an independent-sample test. The results of the study showed significantly higher Mean scores on Weight concern and Physical condition among girls when compared with boys. Moreover, on the self-concept scale, Boys obtained significantly higher Mean scores on emotions, Character, and Aesthetic dimensions when compared with girls. The findings have future implications.

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