Hilly road mapping and holistic management to visualize and plan construction: A case study in Himalayan region

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Harsh Goel, Priyanshu Sharma, Dr. Tanmay Gupta


Traffic conjunction is quite common now a days even in hilly terrain, due to several factors such as increasing tourism/industrialism, blocking of roads due to natural calamities, accidents etc. which tend to seize roads for hours. Such natural or manmade disastrous often results in roads with high traffic densities, prompting road blockage for quite a long time. The solution for such circumstance is often done via road widening or construction of an alternate road. Present case study focuses on construction of an alternate hilly road from Lansdowne to Palkot in Uttarakhand stretching 4.6 Kms in the Himalayan region. Based on the survey performed at the construction site an impactful visualization and mapping is done using surfer software in 3D and 2D. Furthermore, detailed road construction and management of various constructions activities is planned based on well-known construction management principle established by ministry of road transport India and implemented using Primavera and MS-Excel. Such holistic management of construction activities yielded in efficiency of 3 months from total sanctioned schedule time of 18 months for completion of the project. At the end based on latest BOQ as per CPWD, Uttarakhand a financial estimation of the project is also provided.

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