Industrial 4.0 Era Based Human Resource Management Capability

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Worakamol Wisetsri, Rekha P. T., Megha Sehgal, Dr. Savneet Kaur, Shashi Kant Gupta


The Internet's Ability To Eliminate The Gap And Transmit Large-Scale Data Immediately Influences Many Life Fields And Profoundly Affects Indusial Development And Processes. These Changes Have Been Seen Earlier In High-Tech Production. Parallel To The Changing Environmental Structure, This Effect Cannot Be Avoided By Companies Operating With Traditional Technologies. This Study Looks At The Idea Of Industry 4.0 As A Concept And Examines The Manager's Perception Of The Process From The Perspective Of Human Resources Management Of The Four State-Of-The-Art Technology Companies Operating In The Region Of Bursa. The Management Needs To Address The Allocation Of Human Resources In Order To Maintain And Expand An Organisation Throughout The Era Of Industry 4.0. A Strategy Is Needed To Build A Stronger Organisation. The Method Of Analytical Hierarchy Is Chosen As The Basis For Defining The Best Alternative Plan. The Results Of The Study Indicate That Building A Learning Culture Is A Crucial Effort By Management To Apply The Skills-Based Management Strategy For Human Resources During Industry Generation 4.0.

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