Impact of Varied Forms of Therapeutic Recreation Program on Blood Pressure for the Students at University Level

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Dr.Sheila Stephen


The purpose of this study was to investigate how participation in a recreation program influences changes in blood pressure. A total of 87 students at University level who have been studying for 1-5 years volunteered for the study from Chennai, Tamilnadu were selected. The present study is an experimental one and to test the effects of varied intervening strategies, the care was taken in distributing the samples to each experimental group. A sample size of 45 was randomly selected out of 87 for the study in the age group between 18 and 25 years (22 ± 2.57). Subjects satisfied with the inclusion criteria were recruited for the study. After the initial screening for selection criteria, the experimental group was divided into two subgroups such as art therapy, (ATG), music therapy (MTG), and control group do not exposed to any experimental training other than their regular daily activities. A mixed ANOVA and post-hoc test was administered. To test the obtained results on variables, level of significance 0.05 was chosen and considered as sufficient for the study. Art and music based activities can represent a valid and without side effects intervention for reducing blood pressure.


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